Courageous:  At UT- KIC students question ideas, provoke new ways of thinking, strip away the superfluous and focus on those things at which they can excel.

Connected: UT- KIC makes any effort to do collaboration and make connections across different disciplines throughout the world.

Generous: At UT- KIC with a generosity of spirit, the emotional intelligence, as well as knowledge, are respected to enable our students to realize their personal potential.

Working Environment: UT- KIC provides a fulfilling environment for students   to work, learn, and live through reflecting our values and encouraging the open exchange of ideas and opinions.

Intercultural Understanding: UT- KIC engages in reflection and action to build intercultural aptitudes, create a strong sense of inclusion, and enrich our intellectual and social life.

Sustainable: UT- KIC has committed all aspects of economic, environmental, and social sustainability.