Research Institute of Marine Sciences (RIMS)

Seas and oceans are a rich source of divine gifts, the benefits of which require national commitment, careful planning, and comprehensive determination of all involved institutions and originations. The Islamic Republic of Iran is a maritime country with about 5800 km of coastline located next to the Persian Gulf, the Sea of Oman, and the Caspian Sea. The geopolitical position, rich energy resources, access to the open water, and rolling as a north-south corridor in Southwest Asia are just some of the advantages available in the country provided by the sea.

Research Institute of Marine Sciences (RIMS)
The Research Institute of Marine Sciences at the University of Tehran- Kish International Campus is established with the aim of constructive and effective interaction in the country with the West Asian region to attend scientific and research needs in the field. The formation of this research institute also serves to enhance human resource capacity through skill training and development among government officials, the private sectors, and communities. Cooperation in research and joint facilitation of programs with national organizations and agencies and collaboration with various local, regional, and national parties will be prominent in RIMS.
Aims and scopes:
• Conducting advanced and knowledge frontiers research in the field of marine and aquatic sciences
• Perform marine studies through contributing with reputable international centers
• Conducting conferences, seminars, and scientific training workshops
• Development of national and regional technologies through conducting applied research at the request of relevant organizations
• Use of new technologies in marine research
• To become a focused research institute that highlights policy studies and theories to support policymakers for marine, coastal, and wetlands management. 

• conducting research to help maintain and balance the marine ecosystem
• Conducting research for principled exploitation of the marine resources due to the need for sustainable development
• To become an institute of excellence related to multidisciplinary researches on wetlands, coastal, and marine areas as a reference institute in addressing issues related to marine and coastal utilization to support environmental sustainability.
To play a role as a research coordination institute for conducting integrated researches related to capacity building, networks and outreach building activities in the field of marine and coastal management.