Other Facilities at UT- KIC

Restaurants and Cafe

UT- KIC has embraced independently run restaurants and cafes which offer a great variety of local and international dishes for a range of tastes and budgets.

UT- KIC Bookstore

The UT- KIC bookstore serves the students and faculty members and provides them with a diverse selection of books, textbooks, and supplies.

UT- KIC Mini-market

UT-KIC mini-market is a shop where students can get their daily shopping as well as pre-packed sandwiches, fruit juices, ice cream and a variety of things.

UT- KIC Gadget Shop

Android, iPhone, and Windows phone and tablet accessories and devices could be found at UT- KIC gadget shop, whether you are a tech geek or you are looking for the best gift ever.


UT- KIC Branch of Tejarat Bank

There is a branch of Tejarat bank at the entrance of UT- KIC where you can open a bank account with the following documents:

  • your passport plus one other form of identification
  • funds to make an initial deposit.


If you want to withdraw money or perform a bank transaction, there is an ATM at the entrance of UT- KIC