Persian Language Center

UT-KIC Short-term Programs

Persian Language Short-term Program:

University of Tehran Kish International Campus (KIC), in collaboration with Dehkhoda Lexicon Institute and International center for Persian studies offers short-term programs for international students who are interested in Persian Language.


The location of the Campus is the beautiful coral island of Kish, the Pearl of the Persian Gulf, with all its tourist and business attractions.

University of Tehran Kish International Campus, Niyayesh St., Mirmohanna Blvd., Kish Island, Iran.

Wi-Fi Access
Study Room
Digital language laboratory
A full range of library resources (Printed and eBooks/Journals)
Computer sites
Well-equipped Gymnasium
In addition, there are some other facilities such as restaurants, a small super market, a Bank branch, ATMs and a travel agency.


Intensive Programs:

  • Elementary (I,II,III),
  • Intermediate(I,II,III)
  • Advanced (I,II,),

Four weeks duration each level.

Elementary (I, II, III)

The Elementary Persian language course is designed to develop proficiency in the fundamental skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing Persian Language in a very beautiful and calm Island. The Course also enables students to comprehend very simple texts and communicate in a basic range of everyday situations relating to personal needs; it also helps learners get familiar with the most common aspects of the culture and everyday life.

Intermediate (I, II, III)

The intermediate level course will develop the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing in Farsi in a range of expectable situations and familiarize students with a range of simple grammar structures. Students will expand their understanding of culture and daily life in the Farsi-speaking communities.
The class activities will focus on listening and speaking and students will be encouraged to practice reading and writing. There will be plenty of opportunities to learn the target language in an interactive atmosphere through class activities, discussions, and role-playing.

Advanced (I, II)

Successful completion of Intermediate Persian Language is normally a prerequisite. The course helps learners use the Persian language with greater accuracy and handle more complex and specialized texts. They will also be able to correct their language to varying degrees of formality and to comprehend idiomatic Farsi spoken at near native speed.

Course Information:

In order to hold each of the above mentioned programs at UT-KIC, we need sufficient number of qualified applicants. Although, we receive a lot of emails from the interested applicants, it is not easy to arrange a program which suits everybody's schedule. As a result, you have the following options to consider. Please check the best date which suits your schedule for attending the course and inform us by email

Intensive Course






Elementary (I)

Intermediate (I)

Advanced (I)




9:00- 12:00 am

4:00-7:00 pm

4 weeks

    September 1st- September 29th 

   December 15th –January 12th

February 3rd- March 1st


Important Notes:

All applicants are requested to prepare the following documents and email them to:

Only the complete documents will be submitted to the Admission Committee.

Required documents

  • Registration Form (in English language only)
  • Visa Request form (in English language only)
  •  A scanned copy of the data page and signature page of your passport
  • Your CV including your educational background, work experiences, extracurricular activities, e-mail address, address, phone number
  •  A scanned copy of an ID-sized photograph.

Tuition Fees:



Tuition Fee


Elementary (I, II, III)

300 USD (Per Level)


Intermediate(I, II, III)

300 USD (Per Level)


Advanced (I, II)

300 USD (Per Level)


A certificate of completion is issued by University of Tehran KIC at the end of program which provides the students with a record of attending the date and the course it was completed.


Accommodation is available for international students at KIC dormitories. There are facilities such as basic furniture, beds, washing machines, dinner tables, carpets, refrigerators, irons, wardrobes, bookshelves, desks, chairs, cooling and heating systems, TV sets, etc. Students may have a choice as to the size of the apartments they would prefer to live in; single-room apartments (approximately 60 square meters) or double-room apartments (80 square meters). The rents for these facilities are inexpensive compared with those for private housing.

Type of Apartments

Intensive course

Single-room apartments (Two persons)

 460 USD(per person)

Double-room apartments(Two persons per room)

325 USD(per person)


If you would prefer to rent private housing, we also provide advice on this.

Excursion Program:

Iran is a perfect location for those who are interested in cultural, natural and historical Attractions. An optional 3-5 days excursion is offered in the program at an extra cost. During the excursion, students get the chance to visit the most impressive tourist attractions and historical sites in Shiraz and Isfahan and get familiar with the unseen face of Iran along with its cultural heritage. Other historical excursion could be arranged for the interested groups.

Student visa:

UT-KIC will help you in the process of obtaining student visa. This visa is valid for one month but can be extended to three months. Once your application is accepted by the Admission Committee, the university will facilitate the process of obtaining student visa through connection with Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Iran.  You need to be in contact with the embassy of Iran in the country of your residence to get the visa reference number to be able to enter Iran. However, we do not guarantee that the visa will be issued for all the applicants.

In case we have sufficient number of qualified applicants for the next level (Elementary II, Intermediate II, or Advanced II), the visa can be extended for another 30- day training program.

For more information please contact us at: +98 76 444 30683/