Innovation Center

University of Tehran, Kish International Campus Innovation Center named Kishinno, consists of two major parts, Kish and Innovation. Kish Island is one of the most beautiful coral Islands all around the world, and one of the pioneer cities in the aspect of technology in Iran.
On the other hand, University of Tehran, Kish campus has a vast potential in the aspect of supporting highly qualified knowledge workers in most areas of science, arts, and engineering. Thus based on Kish Island properties and UT we established an innovation center focused on industry 4.0, Smart Cities, IoT and Artificial Intelligence and endeavor to expand our opportunities and achievements.
According to our vision about developing innovation ecosystem in Kish Island, we focused on Three major topics;
• Hybrid (Blended) innovation Platform,
• Open Innovation approach (OI),
• International events (Startup weekend, Hackathon, conferences, workshops).
Before narrowing down to these topics, it is good to say that, Startups and innovation ecosystem in Iran is getting larger besides all sanction difficulties ahead of the developing ecosystem. By the way, Iranian Startups in many areas of technology and science have a reasonable market share. Suffice to say that, many of them have emerged from incubators and accelerators from the University of Tehran.
According to GCI  2020 report, Iran's rank in the market size index is 21 over 141. Accordingly, there is a great opportunity for Startups to take their shares in the fields of e-commerce, fintech, Smart manufacturing, e-health, and so on. We think expanding the chance of developing an ecosystem, depends on international collaboration.
For a better explanation of our mission to expand the ecosystem there are 7 sections as below:
• Smart Cities (Emerging Technologies, e.g. AI, IoT),
• e-Tourism & e-Health,
• Marine Sciences & Marine Economy,
• Environmental Issues & Oceanography,
• Smart Manufacturing,
• Oil & Gas Technologies,
• E-Learning & social Innovation.