Extra-curricular and culture activities on campus

Be inspired as well as educated, the following activities are open to students:

UT-KIC Choir Group

The UT- KIC choir group is a mixed choir of about 40 members with male and female voices consisting of sopranoaltotenor, and bass voices, abbreviated as SATB. The choir group accepts new members from interested students in this respect. The new members are well educated alongside with others. The UT- KIC choir group has outstanding performances at graduation ceremony every year.

Visual Arts

The UT-KIC premier art spaces and studio makes it possible for interested students to join art classes like, calligraphy, painting, photography, and sculpture.

Music and Drama

The UTKIC center for Music and Drama is a performance space for music and drama with a successful appearance in UT- KIC ceremonies.

Workshops and seminars

Different subject relevant and productive workshops and seminars are announced each month, with both internal and external participants.

Language Learning Courses

UT-KIC offers language courses in Persian, Germany, and English. These programs are held for beginners, with no proficiency or extremely limited knowledge of the chosen language, as well as intermediate and advanced. English proficiency courses are held on a fee-paying basis.


UT-KIC has a range of quality services designed to help students settle quickly and succeed in their studies.

Advice Services

At UT- KIC you can find a range of quality support services if you're worried about any issues relating to your studies, money, health, or well-being. Student support center offers confidential appointments with professional advisers throughout the year. They can help you work through problems, navigate processes and access specialist services, including those offered by our counseling center services.

Medical and Health Center

Upon their arrival, the student will be provided with the student health insurance on a paid basis. The university also has its own medical center on campus for registered students during the semester classes and exams periods. Cost -free services at UT-KIC medical and health center will be available for students during the daily working hours except Monday.