University of Tehran, President’s welcome Message

I am delighted to welcome you to the University of Tehran, the symbol of higher education in Iran, which offers our students a unique opportunity to pursue their education at a friendly environment. The University of Tehran is the oldest modern university in Iran where you can follow your dreams.
The mission of the University of Tehran- Kish International Campus (UT-KIC) is to educate students who can have a dynamic presence at national and international scenes and compete globally. We are determined to help our students be the driving forces of economy, technological development, and the producers of wealth while observing ethical values. Our major objective is to facilitate the admission of international students who will make a valuable contribution as professionals across the middle-east and the world.
The strategic objectives of the University of Tehran especially at Kish International Campus include:
• Innovation and movement towards becoming an entrepreneurial university,
• Internationalization, and
• Promoting ethics and social responsibility.
Facilitating and enhancing global cooperation, improving technology and research activities at an international level and optimizing infrastructures are of' great significance to us. It is our understanding that the presence of international students and professors at UT-KIC will help us reach our long-term major objectives. Therefore, we are pleased to have you here and wish you a pleasant and fruitful stay at UT- KIC.
Prof. Seyed Mohammad Moghimi
President, University of Tehran