Money Matters

A university degree can be considered as a great investment in your future. In this section, we provide you with financial facts enabling you to make decisions and manage your finances throughout your university life and beyond.

Living cost

First of all you should be aware that your life expenditure will vary significantly based on your lifestyle. In below there is a rough idea of what your expenditure may be in a month.

Food                                                           $300 to $600

Transportation                                            $50 to $100

Utilities                                                      $20 to $50

Sports and Leisure                                     $30 to $80

Rent (off-campus)                                      $700 to $2000

Books and Stationary                                $20 to $120

Total (With off-campus                             $1120 to $2950


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Tuition Fees and Regulations

Session 2018-19

This page contains the Fee Regulations for the University.  These are the formal rules setting out what fees must be paid to the University and what may happen if they are not paid. Where this document refers to fees, this means fees which are due between September 1st and June 31st of the relevant academic year.


Annual Tuition Fee for International Students


Students from Persian Speaking Countries

Other International Students

The second and subsequent members of the immediate family studying at the same time

Humanities, Social and Behavioral Sciences

USD 1450 Per Semester

USD 1800 Per Semester

USD 1250 Per Semester

Arts, Engineering, Basic Sciences

USD 1850 Per Semester

USD 2300 Per Semester

USD 1600 Per Semester


* This is offered only to members of the immediate families of students already paying tuition fees.

Tuition fees for all international students who do not have any course credits will be calculated based on the following table.

Degree Program

The Status of the Student

Tuition fees


Waiting for the Comprehensive Exam

Full tuition fees for first semester waiting for the comprehensive exam.

Fixed tuition fees for each subsequent semesters waiting for the comprehensive exam.

Waiting for the approval of the proposal

Fixed tuition fees. **


Full tuition fees for 4 semesters after approval of the proposal.

Fixed tuition fees for subsequent semesters. **



Full tuition fees for 2 semesters after approval of the proposal.

Fixed tuition fees for subsequent semesters. **


** Fixed tuition is 50% of the full tuition for a semester.


Tuition fees in semesters in which students have credits should be paid fully.

The regulations and associated fee tables given here are those that apply in 2018-19. For earlier years you need to refer to the regulations and fee tables for those years. The fee is normally based on the advertised fees at the starting date of the study, unless the student has taken a deliberate vacation from the study and returned afterward.