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News Headlines of the Month (Sharivar)

News Headlines of the Month (Sharivar)

Here is the Shahrivar's main News Headlines (23 of August-22 of September 2021): 

August 30:

  • The University of Tehran Received the Title of "Influential University in Higher Education Curriculum Designing in Iran" by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology
  • International Experts Present at "Oasis Agriculture and Landscape" Webinar Held by UT College of Agriculture and Natural Resources
  • Announcement: International Conference and the National Exhibition on Green Management
  • Software Development for Monitoring the Cultivated Land of Rice as a Strategic Crop: Detecting the Low-Yield and High-Yield Samples by Satellite Images
  • UT Professor Research Published in International Water Association
  • Detecting Diabetes; Measuring Blood Sugar Level Through Saliva Sample by UT Researchers for Diagnosis
  • Published by Elsevier: "Economic, Political and Social Issues in Water Resources"
  • Members of the UT Faculty of Geography Visited the University of Oradea, Romania Within the Erasmus Plus Program

August 31:

  • Announcement of "Educational Event of Engineering Approaches in Biological Sciences: of Genes to Behavior"
  • More than 600 Earthquakes Were Recorded by the Iranian Seismological Center of UT Institute of Geophysics from July 23rd to August 23rd, 2021
  • Virtual Navigation Available Now Through the Regional Information Center for Science and Technology (RICeST) and the Islamic World Science Citation Center (ISC)
  • Registration Opens for the 102nd Intensive Persian Learning Course for Non-Persian Speakers
  • Dr. Joseph Gril, Affiliated with the Pascal Institute of the University of Clermont Auvergne (France) Now an Associate Professor at UT College of Agriculture and Natural Resources
  • Post-Covid 19 Task-Force Initiated at UT College of Engineering

September 1:

  • The First Iranian Doctoral Thesis on Water Resources Management and Planning at University of Tehran
  • "Suicide Prevention as a Collective Responsivity": Educational Course Held by UT STC in Cooperation with the Counseling and Health Office on August 30th, 2021
  • UT STP Cooperated in Hamshahri Reverse Pitch Event
  • The Specialized Meeting on "Digital University of Tehran on Cultural and Social Grounds" Was Held on August 27th, 2021
  • Smart Plant Factory and Mini-Greenhouse Designed and Manufactured in UT STP
  • A Joint Doctoral Dissertation by University of Tehran and University of Valencia
  • The Young Scientists' Festival Held a Joint Meeting with the Oxford Science and Ideas Festival
  • UT Graduate Published in Nature Astronomy

September 2:

  • The Digital University of Tehran Fair Holds a Scientific Meeting on "The Role of Digital Transformation on ICT and Media in Electronic Education" Presenting MCI Managers
  • Introductory Workshop on "R Software and Rstudio in Seed Research"
  • University of Tehran Provides Dormitory Facilities for Many New M.A. Students During Covid-19 Pandemic

September 4:

  • Representatives of WHO and the National Committee for Controlling and Fighting Tobacco Appreciated UT Executives in Maintaining "Smoke-Free University"
  • Announcement of the Awards for the 5th Young Scientists Festival
  • UT STP Meeting on Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Collaboration with UT Digital Innovation Center
  • University of Tehran Prominent in Students National Chess Team
  • UT Vice President for Research Emphasizing on NGOs
  • UT Members Present in the Expert Meeting on "Al-Biruni"
  • Introductory Workshop on "Arc GIS"
  • UT Associate Holds a Comprehensive Course on Scientific Scholarship for ISI Journals

September 5:

  • UT International Vice-President: We Share Compatriot Feelings with Afghan Students / There Will be a Remarkable Decrease in Afghan Students Tuition Fees / A Special Committee Facilitates the Admission Procedure for Afghan Students  
  • University of Tehran, The Top Iranian University in NTU Rankings
  • UT Successfully Vaccinated All Non-Iranian Student Against Covid-19
  • UT Researchers Present Anti-Fungal Bacteria for Wooden Structures
  • UT Professor, Instructor in a Workshop on "Artificial Intelligence by MATLAB" Held by Electricity Scientific Association and Robotics Scientific Association of SBU

September 6:

  • The Technology for Flow-Meter Production and Native Software Development Now Available by STP
  • UT Doctoral Thesis on Predicting the Physical Interaction Between RNAs and Proteins Based on Co-Evolutionary Approach Using Sequence Data
  • Faculty Members Meeting on Discussions Concerning Strategies to Promote Physical and Mental Health for Academics
  • Winners Call for the 1st UT "Monologue Festival"
  • Sunset on the Hills of 1st Digital Tehran University Fair
  • UT Center for Women's Studies Holds a Meeting on "Indigenous Turkmen-Sahra Therapists, Male and Female"
  • UT Dehkhoda Lexicon Institute Calls for Technological Requirements
  • 12 New Iranian Universities Shining in Times International Rankings
  • Memorandum of Understanding Between University of Tehran and a Comillas Pontifical University
  • Tehran Hosts the International Conference on Digital Transformation September 5th & 16th2021

September 8:

  • University of Tehran and University of Bern Joint Meeting on Development of International Cooperation
  • Webinar on Psychological Aspects of Covid-19
  • UT STP Calls to Support Idea Owners
  • The head of UT Center for Digital Technologies Remarked that 3,085 Individuals Participated in the "1st Digital University of Tehran Fair"
  • UT Official Announced Establishment of a Special Committee to Assist Afghan Students
  • UT Vice-President for Research Explained that Leading University Theses Toward Demand-Orientation Research Requires Comprehensive Disciplinary Executives
  • Tuition Scholarships Now Available for Afghan Students
  • Final Deadlines for International MBA Application Jointly Certified by UT, VUM, and CMU

September 9:

  • The First "UT Alumni" Id Card Issued for UT Graduates / A Series of Scientific Meetings and Webinars Presenting "UT Alumni" on the Agenda
  • UT 26 Steps Up According to HEEACT 2021: Top in National and 338th in International Rankings
  • The 4th Startup and Innovation Meetup of UT Kish International Campus on "New Confrontation"
  • Announcement for Webinar "What Skills Do We Need to Work in Startups?"

September 12:

  • At the 1st Session of UT Alumni Meetings:  Peace of mind and spiritual vitality are crucial for biological and psychological immunity in human beings / Habits shape during Covid-19 and associated mental patterns will remain as superfluous behaviors for a long while after the pandemic / To live with Coronavirus, lifestyles and dietary patterns are of great importance
  • "Dehkhoda Medium Lexicon" Mobile Application Released
  • The Second International Symposium on Suicide Prevention and Intervention Was Held with a Message by UT President

September 13:

  • Ambassador of Nicaragua, Meeting with General Managers of UT Vice-President for International Affairs
  • The 2nd Session of UT Alumni Scientific Meetings on "Smoking and Social Health" on September 13th, 2021
  • The 1st Announcement for the International Joint Festival by Universities in Tehran and Tehran University of Medical Sciences
  • Pre-Event Gathering for Ideators and Technologists on Converged Technology Products: A 2nd Meet Up
  • UT Doctoral Thesis on the Efficacy of Ozone and Its Safety Level in Ozonated Autohemotherapy on Human Hemoglobines
  • UT STP Holds a Virtual Startup Weekend on Converging Technologies (NBIC)

September 14:

  • Slide Scanner and Telepathology System Designed and Implemented for the First Time in Iran
  • UT Faculty Member Selected by the IEEE Institute for the 2020 Young Researcher Award
  • Announcement: The 14th International Festival Hosted by University of Tehran
  • International Webinar in Honor of Prof. Tooba Kermani on September 14th, 2021
  • The 6th Iran-China Cultural Dialogue: Diversity and Inclusiveness in the Two Great Civilizations of Iran and China on September 14th and 15th, 2021
  • Expert Scientific Meeting on the Issue of Russia and Turkey in 2020 Nagorno-Karabakh War Held on September 13th, 2021
  • Scientific Webinar on "Construction Digitalization: BIM, and New Technologies" on September 15th, 2021

September 15:

  • Based on the Results of a Study at UT: Land subsidence is a major global challenge / Human factors, and land-use change are the main influential factors for land subsidence / There is a direct relationship between groundwater abstraction and increasing subsidence rates
  • First Joint Webinar on "Chinese Language and Chinese Studies in Iran: A Review of the Past and Future Perspectives" on September 14th, 2021
  • Bolivian Ambassador, Meeting with the Dean of UT Faculty of World Studies
  • Specialized Meeting on "Iran and the Issue of Legal Policy in International Law" on September 18th, 2021

September 16:

  • The First National Standard for Performance Evaluation and Classification of Hydrophobic Surfaces
  • A Sensor Designed to Measure the Dimensions of Nano-Particles: a Product of Joint study with Stanford University

September 18:

  • Glorious Achievements of TU Students in the 2021 Asian University Chess Championship
  • The Director-General of UT Public Relations Delivered His Speech in the 2nd Meeting on "Science, Culture and Communication at the Service of Afghan Immigrants": Regarding the paradigm shift to the diplomacy of "science and technology", the best academic assistance to Afghanistan would be in advancing joint scientific documents / Afghanistan is Iran's 92nd partner in advancing joint scientific documents

September 19:

  • The First Webinar on "Past and Future of Chinese Language and Chinese Studies in Iran" Held with Participants of Scientific and Academic Officials from Both Countries
  • Assistant Payment System and Associated Services Designed by Researchers at UT STPark to Enhance Businesses
  • UT PR Announced; UT Health Center Provides Medical Consultation on Covid-19 for Affiliated Academic Staffs
  • The Poster for the 2nd International Online Puppet Festival Debuted Now

September 20:

  • At the 2nd Session of UT Alumni Meetings: Cinema industry has greatly encouraged smoking / Smoke-Free University" may not be a mere slogan / Drug use in Iran is economically supported / "Smoke-Free University shall extend beyond its limits to reach "Smoke-Free City".
  • UT Geology Scientific Student Association Holds a Workshop on "Arc-GIS" 
  • UT Branch of IGI Holds an Introductory Session on CFD
  • Online Training Course on Estimating the Advantages of Energy Optimization Projects in Iran on September 20th and 21st, 2021

September 21:

  • Designed and Constructed by UT Researches: The First Sample Device for Evaluating and Observing Intelligent Behavior of Material in Environmental and Temporal Conditions, and Increasing/Decreasing Rates of Temperature
  • Announcement: The 3rd Session of UT Alumni Scientific Meetings
  • The 8th Torment of "Extensive Informative Presentations"
  • Webinar on Iran's Permanent Membership in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization: Geopolitical Opportunities and Challenges Held on September 22nd, 2021
  • Details on 1th International UT Festival (3rd Joint International Festival by University of Tehran and Tehran University of Medical Sciences) in Early 2022.