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Admission to the International Ph.D. Program in Industrial Design at the University of Tehran-Kish International Campus (UT-KIC) 2020-2021

Admission to the International Ph.D. Program in Industrial Design at the University of Tehran-Kish International Campus (UT-KIC) 2020-2021

University of Tehran-Kish International Campus, in pursuit of its mission of extending international programs accepts qualified students who are interested in PhD in Industrial Design. This program is going to be held in English with the participation of distinguished professors from some prestigious international universities for the first time in Iran.

Required Documents:
• A fully completed application form.
• Evidence of Academic qualifications (B.A. or B.Sc.  and M.A. or M.Sc. certificates and transcripts) at least one should be in Industrial Design.
• Evidence of accepted English language proficiency for applicants whose first language is not English (IELTS 5.5 or equivalent) 
• A 1000-word research proposal outlining applicant's research, considering following explanation. For guidance on writing your research proposal, please see here.
The general view of the Department of Industrial Design at UT-KIC is to design in a way to lead the society towards becoming more humane and being in peace and tranquility. As a result, the design research, especially in PhD program, focuses on reviving human values and empowering people to achieve a healthier, more sustainable and happier world.
In this regard, addressing the physical and mental health of human beings through the institutionalization of human values, focusing on the strengths of individuals and achieving peace and happiness is considered. Based on the view of the internal and external professors at UT-KIC, the main focus of PhD in industrial design is to design for" health and well-being".

• "Design for Cultures" or "Culture sensitive Design" is one of the main approaches, which will be done in collaboration with professors from TUDelft in the Netherlands.

• "Design out crime" or "Design for a crime-free society" is another approach, which will be carried out in collaboration with experts from the University of Western Australia.

• Other approaches such as positive design, design for happiness and sustainable design can also be selected.


Suggested Topics:
The approach of Culture-sensitive Design
• Understanding and Supporting healthy lifestyles of elderly in the Iranian context, by addressing topics such as improving self-care, or staying physically active, healthy eating habits, sustaining social connections, and so on.
• Understanding and redesigning the farewell rituals around death and dying in the Iranian context, to align the context of modern times with personal, religious and cultural needs.
The approach of Design out crime
• Using design to reduce crime and antisocial behavior
• Using design of systems to resolve wicked problems
Volunteers can also suggest a topic of their own interest in "health and well-being design" and write a proposal.