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University accommodation
There are a number of flats to be used as dormitories for the UTKIC students. Dormitories consist of some off-campus well-furnished flats. All flats have a fully fitted kitchen, dining facilities, and Wi-Fi. Students may have a choice as to the size of the apartments and number of roommates they would prefer to live in; single-room apartments (approximately 60 square meters) or double-room apartments (80 square meters). If you choose a single room you have one roommate, which means you only have one person to try to meet a balance with; however, there are four people in double rooms, two beds in each. Dorm rooms will be cleaned twice a week by university cleaners.

Accessible living
If you have a disability and need accessible accommodation, we'll do all we can to provide the access and facilities you need.

Couples and families
If you want to live with your family, you can apply for a limited number of places in University flats, or find suitable housing in the private sector.

Living off-campus
If you would prefer to find your own place to live, we could help you, although much more expensive than the UTKIC flats.

Accommodation guarantee for international students
 If you are coming from a foreign country, we can guarantee you a place in a dormitory flat for the full duration of your course, provided you:
Firmly accept a place to study in UT- KIC, doing the registration process and paying the registration fee.
Apply for accommodation and choose the type of flat in advance
Re-apply for accommodation in subsequent years by the proper date.
If you do not meet the conditions of our guarantee, you may still apply for University accommodation, but we may not be able to offer you a room immediately.

All around campus
- 5 min walking to the sea / or A Five min walk to the
- 10 min walking to the fish market
- 1 min walking to service market
- 5 to 10 min walking to hostels
- 5 min driving to the hospital

There are on-campus bicycles that can be hired for the whole day and should be returned at the end for free.